Wearable Tattoo Founder-In roughly year 1998 to 2000, the founder, Joey White developed a line of tattoo clothing during a film production he was supporting, and in 2003, established the Original Tattoo Wear label in Australia, which was the first clothing label in the world to allow for a natural tattoo effect simply by wearing their products.

The first retail store in the world is in Sydney, Australia, as the original designer of tattoo clothing products and has approved design patent in many countries. Many European and North American brands have had design collaboration of tattoo clothing related products with Original Tattoo Wear. Currently 96% of the tattoo wear design on the market originated from Original Tattoo Wear, and its realistic tattoo merchandise are extremely popular amongst athletes and motorcyclists.
originaltattoowear store
The diverse material selection can better allow you to make the best outfit choice according to the surrounding conditions.
Besides being widely known in the Australia and New Zealand regions,the Australian Police Department has also chosen the label's featured sleeve lets as the designated sun protection equipment for the riders in the force when they are on duty.

The expertise within the branding design is one that receives high affirmation, and have continued to launch new designs every season, which will definitely bring great satisfaction to each of your desire for individuality!

Many large enterprise Choose use our products, That mean we do Tattoo  Wear Products very Professional. Privacy

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